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What is our version of Integrative Medicine?

And How Will It Help you Get Answers 
and Get Your Life Back?

Who we are:
We are two people that set out to evolve how healthcare is being done. To dig deeper, to give people answers, and to provide solutions that actually work. We don’t want to give people their lives back, we want to give them a life they didn’t know was possible. 
What makes us different:
We ask better questions
We don't guess, we test 
We use strategy
We don't give up 
We guide, support, and troubleshoot
How it works.
Part One: Figure out what the heck is going on
Complete an investigative deep dive into your health history, lifestyle, your goals [personal and professional], and your emotional health

Our in-depth diagnostic process: we leverage DNA testing, human behavior analysis, comprehensive blood work, other specialty labs, and integrative response testing [we explain what this is in our video]
Great thing is, we do this all from a distance. We leverage virtual consults, send you for blood at your in-network lab, and we also perform all of our custom tests using the DNA from you hair sample.

Part Two: Embark on a strategic protocol that is based on your blueprint
Start your healing with a personalized roadmap: this might be a detox, it might be an immersion with our doctors, it might be human behavior coaching, it might be a dietary change, it might be supplements, or all of the above. It is all custom to you based on your testing.  

Maintain your results and create sustainability in your life. This is not about restrictive diets, heaps of supplements, working out 7 days a week, or other extremes. This is about getting your body to a place where it is resilient and can deal with the stressors of life.


I experienced real physical change for the first time since July 2017...

I saw 10 healthcare providers of all kinds. Everything from gastroenterologist to cardiologists to functional practices and chiropractors. I experienced very little change and even relapsed with esophagitis. It was fall 2020 that I experienced real physical change for the first time since July 2017. It felt great experiencing some progress. Then we took it another step and I experienced even more of a change for the better. Better than I felt before I got sick.

Along with restoring my health, you restored my hope...

Dr. Nicole, when a person is sick for a long time they lose hope for change, for a better existence. Along with restoring my health you restored my hope. I’m forever grateful for your help. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today in any capacity without having both my health and hope restored. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and my family.

My future doesn't hold dependency on medications...

To be well physically, mentally, and emotionally is no small part of our total wellbeing in life. But I am so glad that my future doesn't hold dependency on medications and lifelong symptom management. To be fully informed we must be fully armed and equipped. This is my story anyway. I hope this somehow inspires you to dig deep and make change in your life.
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