• Trust + Transparency. We want to create a transparent and trusted relationship with Dr. Nick + Dr. Nicole and the Team
  • Clarity. Give you the clarity you deserve around resistance points in your business; the things that are holding you back from being the best leader and a bad a** CEO
  • Clear a Path. Collapse the programs that are making business feel so “hard”.
  • Establish Your Vision. ​Map out the future with a Vivid + Aligned Vision 
  • Execution. Bring your Vision to Life with a great team and a solid execution plan
  • Growth + Transformation. Create momentum to create a business and a life that you didn’t know was possible
  • We Will Get to the Root of the Problem. We always look at the foundation and find the cracks - we collapse the BS holding you back.
  • ​We've got your back. We support you when you need us the most.
  • We never give up. Troubleshooting and Pivoting is our jam.
  • We create an aligned team. A team of A-players that's ready to win at business.
  • FREEDOM. We help you get back your freedom while making money and getting results.

how to get started

step 1

To get started with our process, simply use the application below to solidify your spot with IGI.  The application allows us to learn more about you, your business, and the current strengths and weaknesses of your organization.  After completion, the IGI team will review the application prior to a verbal consultation via video call.  

Busy but have a simple question?

Text our team at ( 732) 913-0009.
About Our Programs:
Our programs are high touch and structured with monthly + quarterly sessions with the CEO and the leadership team. The founder/CEO has unlimited concierge access to coaches and the team. For that reason, we have very limited space for new companies. We only consider serious applicants that are ready and willing to put in the time, put in the work, and step into no-joke leadership for their company’s success. Please note, our programs are intended to be an annual commitment.  
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